Product Reviews

Farmhouse Schoolhouse, by Feisty Mama

My son is obsessed with the Revolutionary War and when we pulled out the map and started pinning he could not stop shrieking in excitement. “I can see it! I can see it now! I understand! This is awesome!”
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I am impressed with these maps, affordability did not mean compromising on quality. I love the clearly marked legends and lines. Sturdy bases and poles, unique pin points to help with identification, lovely colors, and thoughtful details throughout each set. It really felt less mass-produced and more thoughtfully crafted.”
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These are maps my children can grow up with. I deeply appreciate investing in resources that are not one-season wonders.  These maps are a lifelong tool.”
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Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, by Kris Bales

“These gorgeous, detailed maps are versatile enough to make an excellent addition to nearly any US history and/or geography curriculum or unit study. As she goes through, she’ll be able to pin Native American tribes, westward expansion, Revolutionary and Civil War battles and more – there are control maps for each of those!”
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“It’s wholeheartedly, enthusiastically teen-approved! Megan will be the first to tell you that she strongly prefers using the Pin It! Maps to labeling a boring, hard-to-decipher, blank map in her book.  Strongly prefers.”
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Artful Homemaking, by Joy

“You won’t believe how much is included in the USA and U.S. History Bundle! I was amazed at how thorough it is. In addition to learning the name and location of each state, you’ll also learn capital cities, what each state’s flag looks like, and more! These maps are a wonderful independent learning activity! And I think every mom loves independent learning!”
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Artful Homemaking -- USA Bundle Review

“Can you see how beautiful all of this is? It makes learning geography a delight! Geography is now something to look forward to and to enjoy. I know this is going to be one of our favorite homeschool resources ever.”

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Living Montessori Now, by Deb Chitwood

“When I saw what Pin It! Maps were like, I was amazed at the quality of the products, the wealth of learning possibilities, the space-saving features, and the wide age range the maps are appropriate for.”
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Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood, by Brandy Ferrell

I seriously, honestly, absolutely have enjoyed using Pin-It Maps with my children... I love it because it’s a fun way to learn together, and it’s an activity we can pull out at any age and enjoy together.”
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What DID We Do All Day?, by My Boys' Teacher

If the Pin It! maps had been available two years ago, I would not have made my own set of pin maps.  The overall quality is better than my set, the control maps are significantly better, there are fun extras, and the price difference is so minimal that I definitely would have chosen to pay extra and save myself 32 hours of labor.
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Pictures and Ideas, by a Montessori Mom

With the hope of prolonging the life of our maps, I mounted my maps to hard board. Next, I made compartment wood boxes for each map to keep flags organized. Lastly, I was concerned about storing tons pin flags and maps. See some of the things I have come up with to help!”
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