Landform Pin Map
Landform Pin Map

Land and Water Map Set

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Picking up this map will make children feel that they have picked up a ticket for a tour of the most beautiful parks in the world. Their imagination will soar as they travel from the deep canyons to the height of alpine glaciers. They will visit a volcano, coral reef and a desert oasis. This pin map will have children learning all the land and water forms and having fun while they do it.

Pin maps and flags are printed on heavy 16 pt. cardstock. The flags are cut and ready for you to assemble! For more details, please see product information in the FAQ.

9 x 24" Land & Water Pin Map
1 Foam Sheet (9 x 24 x .5") with plastic corners
2 - 6 x 18" Control Maps; Land Forms (side 1) & Water Forms (side 2)
Set of 48 colorful flag labels (landforms-yellow, water-blue)
Flag poles and flag bases
1/2" transparent Scotch tape

*Does NOT include straight pins. Use size 28: 1-3/4 inch straight pins. You can get them from (affiliate link below) or your local hobby store.
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Free Photo Cards and Command Cards to teach the Land & Water Forms --Opens as New PDF File

WARNING: Contains small parts, which are a choking hazard.
ORIGIN: Maps, flag labels, and foam sheets are made in the USA. Flag poles and bases are imported from China.